Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you book my discounted military flight?

Most applications enter the automatic approval process. The entire process takes approximately 30-45 minutes from application submission, to itinerary confirmation. We have the capability to arrange discount military flights for same day travel.

Once the completed Travel Assistance Program application is in hand with your LES, and assuming program approval, we can confirm your itinerary details and secure your travel reservations within minutes. We use a secure electronic document service to protect your sensitive information and expedite the process. Our travel specialists work hard to provide the very best customer services for your travel needs.

Exchange USA Travel Services specialists pride themselves in providing convenient travel itineraries with the most affordable financing programs. We work hard to insure you are happy with your travel arrangements.

How does it work?

The first step is completing the Travel Assistance Program application. This can be done online or over the phone- whichever is most convenient for you. Once the completed application and your most current LES are received they will immediately be presented to our processing department for approval. Once approved, we will confirm your itinerary and process the Travel Assistance Program Documents for your review and approval. We use a proprietary and secure electronic processing service to protect your sensitive information and expedite the process. As soon as you return the documents to us using the same expedited electronic service, our travel experts will confirm and book your reservations. All of our bookings are processed electronically and the final booking confirmation will be emailed to you upon execution.  All that’s left to do is to enjoy your travel!

Exchange USA Travel Services specialists pride themselves in providing the most affordable financing programs, convenient travel itineraries and respectful customer service. You work hard for our country- we work hard for you.

Why use Exchange USA Military Travel Services?

If you’re short on cash or would rather pay for your travel in easy payments instead of all at once, the Exchange USA Travel Assistance Program can give you the access you need to travel around the world- or just to get home.

Our travel specialists are experts in and discount military flights emergency travel accommodations. Because of our expertise in that area, we are best suited for booking all of your military flight and government flight needs. We also take great pleasure in developing travel itineraries for family vacations and last minute getaway trips. Why spend your valuable time doing research on the best military and government flights when we can do it for you? The flexibility provided by our travel assistance program allows you to enjoy your vacation the way that you deserve. You can focus on having fun on your trip and not worry about hanging on to your cash. Our low monthly payments usually don't begin until well after your travel has occurred.

What's the process?

Getting started with the Exchange USA Military Travel Assistance Program is quick and easy, and approvals usually happen within minutes.
1. Complete the Travel Request
2. Complete the secure and easy Travel Assistance Program Application
3. You must be available for phone or email confirmation in order to quickly process your application. Any lapse in communication will delay your travel application.  

4. Upon a successful application review, our Travel Experts will forward a proposed itinerary for your review and approval.

5. Once you confirm acceptance, your travel arrangements will be booked and the final confirmation will be sent via email.

What are the terms and conditions?

All terms and conditions are clearly spelled out in your travel agreement documents. All travel agreements between Exchange USA Military Travel Services and our customers are based on various factors. Monthly payment terms can range from 12-36 months to best suite your needs. Interest rates range from 10%-27%, depending on standard credit guidelines. All terms and conditions will be forwarded to you for your review before any action will occur. Acceptance is documented via electronic signature. We encourage all of our customers to contact their travel specialist with any questions or concerns in regard to their finance agreement.  Our travel specialists are dedicated to meeting your needs.

What if I don’t see the information I'm looking for, or what if I want to speak to someone directly?

We want to make sure all your questions and concerns are answered. Click HERE to chat live with a travel specialist in the continental U.S. If you prefer to call, the toll free number is (888)-998-9963.

When do Payments start?

All payment dates are specifically outlined in your travel agreements. Allotment and ACH payments should begin within a 30-60 day time period after your travel agreement is completed.

How do I make payments?

Payments are pre-arranged through automated MyPay allotments or ACH payments. There are multiple pre-payment options that allow you to pay off your agreement early and save even more money.

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