How to Choose a Seat 

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Traveling on an airplane should be a fun start to your vacation. You should certainly be focused on your escape to paradise, rather than an uncomfortable seat. Finding the best airane seat is more than a choice between first class and coach. So when choosing a seat, make sure to remember that you have a lot of options! Here are five seating-related travel tips to help you enjoy your ride.

1. Your seat request can be made with either your Exchange USA Travel Specialist- or your check in and gate agents at the airport. It never hurts to ask the gate agents if better seats have opened up- based upon your military status- and the mood of the gate agent, there’s a good chance you can get a better chair for your flight if one is available.

2. Window or aisle seating is always on a passenger’s mind. If you are a person who enjoys a good stretch then the aisle is a much better place for you to sit. If you enjoy napping in flight or you want to read or work without being disturbed the window is the perfect spot for you plus you get a view.

3. Front? Back? Middle? Use the seating chart to map out the perfect spot.

The front of the plane is always the quietest. Great place to read or Pokies get some work done on those longer flights.

If you are a person who enjoys a smooth ride or if turbulence makes you a little nervous then choose a seat in the middle of the plane. It can be a slight bit noisy but the ride is so much smoother.

Sometimes the seating options are limited based upon the travelers who have booked before you. It is imperative if you want preferred seating to make your reservations as soon as possible once you decide to take a trip. Our Travel Experts will work to provide the best available seats based upon your preferences. Make sure you indicate these preferences, if you have any, on the flight request form.

4. Safety is always a concern when people fly. If you like to be closest to the exit doors here are a couple of things to keep in mind. You cannot store luggage under your seat. Also if you choose those seats then you will also be expected to be able to assist other passengers if they have to exit the plane in an emergency.

5. Remember even if you didn’t get the chance to talk to your booking agent or to the boarding agent about seating arrangements, try to make friends with other passengers. Sometimes you may be able to switch with another passenger when you board the plane prior to take off. 

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