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Travel Tips to Help Maintain Your Health While Traveling:

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Water is your best defense. Begin drinking more water than you normally would. Alcohol and caffeine cause you to actually loose fluids. So grab that bottle of water drink.

Air pressure and your ear happiness

Keep your ears happy. A lot of people are sensitive to cabin pressure changes and it can cause a great deal of discomfort. Chewing gum and drinking fluids cause you to swallow and this releases the air pressure trapped in the passage ways. So sit back and relax there is relief in sight.

Allergies are important

Always notify your military travel specialist and everyone that you can about your allergies. Never take for granted that anyone has read the specifications on your boarding pass. Communicate with the boarding agent and with the flight steward. Also, have all necessary medication and the documentation from your physician in hand when you reach the security check for any and all medication that you may have with you.


If you are drinking alcohol on a long haul- make sure you throw some water or juice into the equation- the combination of thin air and alcohol can really give you a double dose of de-hydration- and make that hangover all the worse… Just use common sense to maximize your fun both on the flight- and at your destination.

Get your rest

Traveling without getting proper rest is a good way to run your body’s immunities down before you even begin your adventure. Your body needs its rest so you can enjoy your adventure to its fullest. Try to catch up on your rest before your vacation begins so you will have all the energy to enjoy it to its fullest.


If you have made a commitment to both eating and staying healthy before you travel then the chances of maintaining your healthy lifestyle throughout your vacation should not be cause for a lapse. Unless you’re ready for a vacation from all things, simple measures can be taken to alleviate the chance you’ll stray too far from your chosen path. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you can think of our helpful and knowledgeable staff. Exchange USA Military Travel Services is full of helpful travel tips and information. We strive to make your travel experience everything that you could wish it to be!

Some rules to travel by:

1. Make sure that you have given advance notice to your military travel specialist regarding any special dietary requests or needs

2. If you need to have an assistant to simplify the checkpoints and boarding, then be sure to obtain a gate pass for them before proceeding to the security checkpoint.

3. Mobility aides or medical equipment do not count as a carry on. Anything that a passenger requires as medically necessary is an exception to the carry on rule.

4. Please have medical documentation for all medications or fluids that you require. Present that immediately to the security officer at all checkpoints and also insure that all Medication is clearly labeled and your details are on any prescription medications you may have with you.

5. Any kind of inspection or x-ray equipment that can harm you or affect your medical condition or equipment must be documented by your physician. Be sure to have this with you when you plan to travel to avoid any complications- either procedural with security- or more importantly- with your health.

6. If you have a service animal, please inform everyone prior to travel. This includes your Exchange USA Travel specialist as well as your gate agents and/or security officers, if for some reason your service animal may not be immediately apparent. The TSA is notorious for being less than reasonable- make sure you plan for extra time to cover any issues that may arise in this matter. Insure you have the animal’s documentation with you as well; this includes the vet records that demonstrate all shots and vaccinations are up to date and appropriate for your destination locale.

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