Traveling with Children 


There’s is never one way to make a little traveler happy and full of smiles. Just like the rest of us, kids have their own particular comfort zones. Exchange USA Military Services has come together and created some helpful tips that we have used ourselves and present them in hope that they may work for you.

1. Insure everyone is dressed in comfy clothes. Favorite T-shirts or their favorite hat are generally items that allow movement and bring smiles. Remember planes and airports can have very different temperature changes. Even if you are traveling to or from a warmer climate so it’s always a good idea to bring a sweater or sweatshirt because it could be chilly on the plane- this goes for all travelers.

2. Children need carry-on stuff too. A small carry on with a book, card game, video game with headset, their favorite toy or blanket should be brought along so they can entertain themselves quietly. Light snacks are nice even if it’s a short flight. Animal crackers, a fruit bar, PB&J; anything that’s easy on the tummy and that they like. Flights are not the time to convince children they want to try new things. They may be excited one minute but it’s also a scary kind of thing to so it’s important to keep them at ease and keep them smiling.

3. Some ways to combat air pressure hurting their ears.

Babies-Have them suck on a bottle it makes them swallow which releases the pressure in their ears. If you can encourage them to drink water or juice, that’s even better. Everyone should hydrate when they fly, even the smallest of passengers.

Children- Juice boxes are wonderful inventions. Excellent choices when trying to encourage a young child that if they swallow it will make their ears feel better. Just hand them some juice or water and let them start drinking. A trip to the bathroom is always easier than tears because they are in discomfort.

Young Teens and Adults-Chewing Gum is your friend in flight! The chewing and swallowing sensation releases air within your ear canal and in many cases aids in releasing the pressure in your ears. Another option is drinking liquids- ether way it will make traveling a little more comfortable

4. ALERGY ALERT! Any allergies no matter how mild or rare should be addressed from the time you begin booking your flight with our military travel specialists, to the boarding official and the flight attendant on the aircraft. NEVER assume that someone has read the special instructions. ALWAYS carry any medication used for emergency purposes in your carry-on bag along with a copy of instruction from your physician because you may need that documentation at security checks or if emergency care needs to be administered.

5. Traveling with children with disabilities can be a challenge. If you plan ahead it will make for a less stressful experience- for all involved. Always talk to your military travel agent about your needs and the needs of your child. Make sure that you have all documentation for the medical personnel that lays out all necessary medical concerns and medication. Have all of this documentation in hand with your tickets when you get to security. A rule of thumb is to arrive an hour and half earlier than your flight. This gives extra time for you and everyone traveling not to be rushed and more attentive to the needs and comfort of your child.

6. Unaccompanied Minors- Chaperone charges do apply! Please consult with your military travel specialist for the guidelines on minor children traveling. We are very sensitive to the needs of our military families and everyone’s situations are different. Each airline has different standards and restriction regarding children travelling alone and we will work on an individual basis to insure you and your children’s needs are covered effectively.


*As travel specialists, we strive to ensure that you and your family are as comfortable

as possible during your travel. If you have any questions or concerns regarding accommodations

for you or your child's needs. Please feel free to contact one of our live specialists, right now. 


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