Traveling with Disabilities 



Traveling with a Handicap Won't Handicap Your Vacation

Exchange USA Military Travel Services believes that the perfect vacation is accessible to anyone, this includes those traveling with disabilities. Travel for the disabled may present some challenges, but most airlines and destinations around the globe are more than ready to assist travelers with disabilities. Here are some tips to make sure your trip goes smoothly.


Tips for Disable Travelers

1. Make sure that you have given advance notice to your military travel specialist. Airlines can accomodate almost any disability, but advance preparation can prevent delays to your trip.

2. If you need to have an assistant to simplify the checkpoints and boarding, then be sure to obtain a gate pass for them before proceeding to the security checkpoint.

3. Mobility aides or medical equipment does not count as a australian pokies play online free carry on. Anything that a passenger requires as medically necessary is an exception to the carry on rule.

4. Please have medical documention for all medications or fluids that you require. Present that immediately to the security officer at all checkpoionts.

All Medication must be clearly labeled.

5. Any kind of inspection or x-ray equiment that can harm you or affect your medical condition or equipment must be documented by your physician, be sure to have this with you when you plan to travel.

6. If you have a service animal, please inform everyone-travel specialist and security officers. Please have the animals documentation with you as well when you plan to travel.


You will never be separated from your animal. 

All security officers have been trained to ask before they touch or inspect. 

Keep control of your service companion at all times.

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